Monday, May 12, 2014

Another Goddamn (Quickie)

Been a while dear readers - proud to announce we've hit 200,000 page views!
Graduated & about to move my ass to Montana - fucking pumped son.
I hate spending an extended period in one place.
Boredom is the greatest motivator.

Y'all know I love the stories of (legit) outsiders forcing society to respect them despite preconceived bias.
Today is to highlight one of the very, very few white rappers who wasn't complete shit in the era before Eminem came on the scene, MC Serch:

I'm not the biggest fan of white rappers in general (rhythm wasn't a big part of our genetics).
But I do have to give props to one of the few who could actually be respected in an industry that had already experienced the walking abomination known as Vanilla Ice.

I'll pump out a full FHP article sooner or later; I'm just a lazy son of a bitch...sort of.


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