Friday, February 7, 2014

The New Era

Sick as shit.
It hasn't been above 25 degrees outside in a good month.
Heard somewhere that generally the best comedy comes from people who grew up in cold-weather states.
Gotta be some truth to that.
If comedy is tragedy + time, polar vortexes will oblige.

Y'all probably know about my love of podcasts.
The blessing of free media is the ease of finding the most entertaining motherfuckers with the least amount hassle.
Which led to the smart download on my part of Neil Brennan & Moshe Kosher's The Champs.
Put simply, its two white dudes interviewing black guests in the music & comedy industries.
Brennan was the main writer for Chappelle's Show, which should be all your nosy ass needs to know.
While interviewing Jordan Peele (of Key & Peele, one of the best new shows out there), Brennan relayed an anecdote that those around my age won't be able to relate to.
I sure as shit am not.

According to Brennan, Wayne Brady told him "My daughter is growing up into an era where the idea of a black president isn't a joke"

It really struct me how fucking different the world seems from the perspective of those born twenty (or, fuck, even ten) years before myself.
Think about it.
To me & my generation, Obama is really not much different from Bush.
Just a damn politician.
A normal politician.
While obviously respecting the fact the O-man made one of the most breathtaking blows for civil rights in our nation's history, he seems just as slimy as the other incompetent gang over in D.C.
If the office if the presidency isn't occupied by a white male for another decade or more, not many among us would be surprised.
And the fact that this state of affairs - fucking unheard of just two decades ago - is the new normal speaks volumes about the opportunity the world has at its fingertips to make serious changes to the status quo.

Just to be clear, this isn't one of the those "America is Post-Racial!!!" posts.
The specific example just fits in describing the world our budding generation is inheriting.
The limitations of the past are easier to throw by the wayside.
Contrary to popular pessimistic bullshit, the ability to make significant changes in the world by a single individual is greater than at any other time in history.
And it'll only keep on growing.

At the very least, something to think about while you can breathe through your goddamn nostrils today.


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