Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mocking the Dead & Mocking Those Who Mock The Dead

One of the advantages (or disadvantages, if you are a goddamn 'Bama fan) of college life is the thrill of having a good sports team.
For Michigan State students, we have the luxury of TWO mothafuckin' kickass teams in basketball & football.
So forgive me if I'm in a good mood.
Rose Bowl and #1 in the nation can do that.

Since this is the first time I've blogged since returning to the States, I'll stick to a classic.
Mocking assholes.
And what asshole is more fun to mock than my favorite asshole in the whole world?
The greatest hybrid of making money off stupid people & a God Complex bordering on cult behavior, Alex motherfuckin' Jones.
Low hanging fruit for a Tuesday sounds about right.

I'm sure some of you were aware that the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination was a week or so ago.
Not only was an occasion to remember a horrific event & discuss one of the most peculiar figures in American history, it was an early Christmas for all sorts of crazy conspiracy theorists.
But none found a way to out-batshit-insane ol' AJ, because that ain't how AJ rolls.
For that I'll forever be grateful.
However, what made this particular public mental episode of note was the sheer determination Alex had to make sure everyone knew he was a fucking pussy too.

Just watch:

I'm going under the assumption that most of you don't have the free time to watch a 16 minute video that starts slow.
However, if you stick with it you won't be sorry in the least.

The main gist is that while Alex huddled to safety while cops were moving protestors off Dealey Plaza, someone got punched.
After the fact, the realization that saying he got punched would make him a martyr entered his noggin.
So like any good coward and/or attention whore, senor fatass tells the police he will fight "ten of you fuckers!" with the caveat that they will get sued if they accept.
To top it all off the seething impotent rage over the last six or so minutes provides a breathtaking insight in the mind of a goddamn lunatic.
Hell, the man almost seems to be wishing for a girl to have hit the ground because it will launch 1776.
How low do you have to sink, how much Machiavellian bullshit do you have to tell yourself, to not only gain from the suffering of others but rage for more simply to gain status?
Then again it's not that hard of a stretch for a guy who can't even muster enough respect for the dead to stay silent during the goddamn moment of silence.

Character is important.
We all have slip ups & act immorally or unethically.
But remind yourself of two things:
Knowingly crossing that line constantly will make you look, for all intents & purposes, just like Alex the Asshat.

Also if Tiananmen Square ever were to occur again, you can find Alex easily; he's the one one hiding behind a child.


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