Sunday, October 6, 2013

Livin' The Condi Rice Life

So 50% of my grade in one of my classes is riding on a paper due in about 24 hours.
At this point, I've taken the all important step of picking which question to answer.
Not much else but don't be a judgmental asshole.
Which reminds me; if any of you are experts on the Australian presence in the Allied Greek campaign in WW2 totally hit my ass up (like I even have to ask!).

Back in middle school I had one of those assignments that in retrospect mean jackshit in terms of life's trajectory.
Well, other than the Jesus-I'm-getting-old soul crushing realization that it was about a decade ago when this occurred.
But I digress.
We had to do a book report in Mrs. Grammatico's English class.
And if I learned anything in life its that pissing off 6th grade liberal arts teachers will come back to haunt you into adulthood.
So naturally I stole my brother's Condi: The Condoleezza Rice Story biography.
As you can tell I was an odd duck even in my younger years.
But, fuck you, I got an A so y'all can suck a dick.

Regardless this book had a profound impact on my life for good reason.
There was one quote in particular that I have held dear since.
I'm paraphrasing here, as I don't have a goddamn photographic memory:
"In all my life I have yet to find anything as boring as being stuck in a room with people who agree with me."
On it's face this may not seem very profound.
But one throwaway line shaped my intellectual development.
(Well, my attempt at intellectual development.)

There are spineless cowards in this world who cannot form an original thought of their own.
They live at the mercy of the opinions formed by the asshats that populate their existence.
Conversely, certain people cannot bear the thought of dissent on any issue big or small.
I'm sure your newsfeed on Facebook or Twitter is polluted by those Ein-shits.
But like many things in life nuthugging either extreme is a piss poor life choice.

Be open minded enough to face criticism.
Be wise enough to differentiate between valid & dumbass criticism.

That was the main lesson I gained from my insightful Condi research.
However, I'm guessing many of you are thinking something similar:
"So she said an 'insightful' quote...big fucking deal, anyone can say inspirational shit; what makes this different?"
(I'm under the assumption many of you utilize liberal use of swear words in your brain...probably.)
What made this different was how this black, female, Republican badass acted.
She didn't just throw out bullshit.

She lived it.

Born in the shitcaked Jim Crow era (in godforsaken Alabama of all places), she faced down the rampant racism of the days.
Rather than let it affect her, she instead concentrated on such trivial things as academics, learning foreign languages, and being a freaking piano prodigy.
Then, no big deal, attended college at the age of 15.
While she was showcasing why she would eventually be considered The Most Powerful Woman In The World in a little over a decade, white assholes still attempted to discredit her for being black and female.
Condi didn't play that shit, telling off a rude, racist jewelry store employee who seemed to think only pasty motherfuckers could buy her wares:
"'Let's get one thing clear: if you could afford anything in here, you wouldn't be behind this counter. So I strongly suggest you do your job.'"
Goddamn, son.
Then, no big deal 'cept for being my dream job, she casually became a professor at one of the most prestigious universities in the nation.
Not only that but survived in Palo Alto as a fucking Republican.
After becoming Stanford's Provost, she achieved an actual goal the Tea Party shitwads can only wet dream about: eliminated the university's deficit & balanced the budget in two goddamn years.
Thus, it was not exactly a surprise when she was named the first female and only the second black individual to hold the rank of National Security Advisor.
Oh, and then freaking Secretary of State.

Realize that I just gave you a very, very, very brief recount of what Condi has achieved.
I don't want this post to read as a resume.
And hey she's done some shit too, don't get me wrong.
The Iraq WMDs bullshit?
Can't defend that, brah.
But that doesn't detract from what she achieved.
And the inspiration she should in all people, from anywhere.
That by questioning authority, questioning your own beliefs and just questioning for the damn sake of questioning, the world begins to make more sense.
None of us are ever going to have all the answers.
Nor are any of us going to live Jesus-esque perfect lives.
What we can do is not let other's bias (or indeed our own) to determine the path our life will travel down.
And hey, if you think I'm wrong, bitch at the woman who shattered one of the thickest glass ceilings in America and whom will be on the new college football playoff panel replacing the shit-reeking BCS.

I'm sure she will totally feel sorry for your ass.



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