Monday, October 14, 2013

How One Man's Obsession With Being Badass Can Change Your Life (Quickie)

This post doesn't need an opening with my usual four lines of life bullshit.
There is no point; what you are about to witness is the definition of everything I aspire to be.

If you are like me, the most you know about Jackie Chan is his Rush Hour movies.
And also like me, you only learned there is a very, very shitty version of Chris Rock by the name of Chris Tucker from said movies.
Goddamn was I ever stupid.
It took one article from my favorite irreverent author to open my eyes.

I never knew that Mr. Chan did all his own stunts.
Not in a "fight scene without stunt doubles" way, but in a "holy shit how the fuck did you survive?" kind of way.
These aren't widely known movies, and they weren't done for the sake of a bigger profit.

Jackie nearly killed himself in every movie for the sake of not using CGI.

I literally can't think of a way to preface this more, so just observe:


Never bitch about your small hassles of life again.
Just watch that and realize how much of a pussy you are for ever whining.
It's less than five minutes, yet the most badass less than five minutes you will ever witness.

Michael Bay spends hundreds of millions to pretend he has balls near the level of one Jackie Chan.


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