Friday, September 6, 2013

Politics: A Microcosm of Humanity's Universal Dickishness

Busy weekend ahead.
Tournament, presentation prep, & elections.
Living the life over hurr.
Hell fuckin' yeah.

As mentioned, it's Australian election season.
Tomorrow night the results will come in and I will be (probably drunkenly) watching them intently.
Of course, I'm something of a politics junkie.
Whether it be the Tea Party taking a nice ol' shit on the GOP or Anthony Weiner's ridiculously hilarious sexting problems, the intrigue never goes away.
It's the best entertainment our goddamn tax dollars can buy.
That's not to say it doesn't cause a lot of consternation and hand-wringing.
But the not-so-hidden secret of the political realm?

Whatever time or place you may be in, it will always be  pretty much the same.

That might sound depressing, but let's look at this a little in depth.
The surface appearance doesn't tell the whole story (per usual).
Halls of power have been stocked with legions of ass-kissers and power hungry douchenozzles since time immemorial.
It doesn't take a psychology degree to understand why.
There's a reason it's been described as "Hollywood for ugly people".
And as long as there are people striving for fame and influence over their peers, political shenanigans will persist.

Despite the best wishes of 17 year old basement-dwelling anarchists, governmental administration is essential to a civilization.
Fuck, that's been true since the advent of agrarian society.
The problems begin when the aforementioned asshats running said government are put in a position to game the system that bestowed their glorious power.
That's the reason I have always viewed liberal democracy as the best societal check on the shitheads who we elect to "represent" us.
The best way to corral a group of people hell-bent on pushing their personal & ideological desires on the masses?
Play them off against each other.

From America to Australia to Japan to India to Brazil to pretty much any goddamn semi-livable place you can think of, politicians are remarkably similar.
They also tend to achieve very little.
This is in society's best interests, perhaps paradoxically.
Innovation, progress & most anything positive that a culture produces comes from private sources.
Government can certainly catalyze the forward movement of any given area, but more often than not that bitch of bureaucracy steps in the way of the proper utilization of societal capability.
Overstepping the basic responsibilities of defending, enforcing the rules of & protecting the rights of a civilized locale isn't exactly a novel development.

That's not to say I don't give a shit about the bastardizing of the political process.
One needs only to look at recent examples of NSA spying, ideological polarization or the attempted hijacking of the Arab Spring by entrenched theocrats & autocrats to see what can happen when politics goes horribly wrong.
But once again I have to stress one crucial point:

Not only is this not new or exclusive to a particular system, it's been far worse at numerous points in humanity's history.

Homeostasis isn't simply an individual phenomenon.
Collectively, the bullshit we hear about how evil/awesome a politician or party or movement or ideology may be ends up the same at the end of the day.
Just another small blip in the big picture of humanity's undeniable yet slow improvement in the aggregate.
There is a reason the phrase "don't miss the forest for the trees" is more than a damn tropism.
If you let relatively uncontrollable yet benign forces (such as the pendulous nature of politics on any given day) affect your personal happiness to such a sharp degree, pointless bullshit will sap your potential.
Always keep in mind that things are almost always not as bad as you think.

Hell, even George fucking Bush did a thing or two right.



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