Friday, August 2, 2013

The Perks of Silently Letting Idiots Be Idiots

One of my most useful skills is doing incredibly stupid shit then finding ways to minimize or negate the consequences.
This isn't the most admirable of traits, of course.
Then again, the ability to bullshit is essential to modern life.
You won't get any Nobel Prizes, but you will keep your ass out of jail.

In high school English class we read plenty of boring, pointless books.
However, there was one in particular that I really enjoyed.
I'm sure many of you did too.
While The Perks of Being a Wallflower is kind of dated at this point, it's still a damn good read.
Hell, it took me three read-throughs to even figure out the whole "molested by his aunt" plot point.
The most lasting impression I gleaned from it wasn't some emo schadenfreude enjoyment it's most known for.

It was the value of being silently judgmental.

Throughout adolescence you'll meet many, many dumbasses who clearly don't understand the contempt their annoying or devious public actions harbor in most observers.
For reference, hit up any club populated by legions of the creepy and the conceited.
Which pretty much explains every club, but that's beside the point.
Many people get infuriated by the seemingly free pass douchenozzles get in these situations.
I'm sure you've wished before that the guy who won't shut the fuck up about how many asses he's kicked in the past week would get knocked out cold right then & there.
But as (somewhat) rational, adjusted members of society no one takes the initiative to put said meatheads in their place.
For some reason this seems to foster a lot of resentment in many "normies".
On the contrary, our natural instinct to let morons run their course is pretty damn smart.

You've probably figured out that after any situation involving a shitwad, the people you actually respect have the same opinion regarding the behavior witnessed.
That's because while the super-sluts and the cocky assholes may not realize the unspoken hatred forming around them, you do.
The well-adjusted do too.
The reason no one mentions or does anything at the time is due to this foreign concept known as "social skills".
You don't counter boisterous behavior with boisterous retaliation.
Silence is certainly golden at times.

Because most other people are thinking the same exact fucking thing you are.
"Jesus, what an asshole!"

People who fail to mature with their age are the perfect example of those who will be forgotten in the scheme of your life.
We've all had our fair share of cockheads populate our life & our parties; but how many of them really matter in the course of your life (or anyone of any importance's life, for that matter)?
In the journey of existence, those people are the sideshows, useful only for amusing stories of how not to live.
While at the time you may be seething about how someone can be so damn shitty of a human being, our universe has a way of regulating them to the dustbin of the pointless with the passage of time.

There are obvious exceptions to this rule (Michelle Bachmann, anyone?) but all things being equal human nature imbeds in the majority of us, one way or another, a silent understanding of social sense.
There is no need to lose your shit over those who refused to accept the unspoken rules of thoughtful interaction.
Strangers detest them, acquaintances feign interest until they finally leave, and we all get this subconsciously at some level.
They fade away.
The genuine friends, the ones who truly care & can act with humility, don't.
And hey, we all can be that idiot once in a while, acting like a fucking prick while others silently think the classic "Jesus, what an asshole!"
The difference?
When you actually matter to people, they'll give you deserved shit and make sure you learn your damn lesson about not being a legitimate object of ridicule.
The lying, boisterous idiots?

They'll likely figure it out when their 30th birthday comes with making their alimony payment and figuring how much Jack Daniels may actually have a chance of making them slightly interesting for a night.



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