Monday, August 19, 2013

Miguel Cabrera: Detroit's Venezuelan Hero

Just got back from Aussie SPRING BREAK.
Diving in The Great Barrier Reef is an experience I'll cherish 'til I die.
The cherry on top is that SPRING BREAK is not over yet.
Professors are on strike for some asinine reason.
Hooray for white-collar labor shenanigans?

You all know how much I adore Detroit.
More hardships have hit the city on a seemingly daily basis lately, however.
The bankruptcy shit is demoralizing, to say the least.
The city has more problems than it can possibly handle with their lackluster resources.
Asshole pundits from the left & right make it their rhetorical punching bag.
But you know what?
I think I speak for all Detroiters when I say all those lambasting or disrespectfully pitying the city can kindly suck a dick.
Say what you want (and people who haven't even been within 100 miles of it's limits certainly have), but the plain fact is that residents have never & will never give a shit.

Detroit has been in a Dan Uggla-esque slump for decades, but the mentality that defines the city is unlike anywhere else.
And one man exemplifies how this mindset has the potential for greatness.

King Miggy has no adjectives sufficient to truly encapsulate how fucking amazing of a baseball player he truly is.
Jim Leyland, per usual, puts the context in the plainest terms:
"I don't know what to say, I don't know how to describe it. What you're seeing is unbelievable."
And the best part?
Unlike Ryan Braun, Barry Bonds or Ass-Rod, he is cementing his remarkable legacy without cheating.
Unless he starts hitting the damn bottle again other than baseballs, there is no telling how dominant he will become.
And this brings me back to Detroit.

Miggy is an affable, impossible-to-hate personality off the field with little regard for what anyone outside of his teammates think of him.
On the field, he is a hard worker and a resilient motherfucker.
Case in point:

He is the D, personified.
The man who had his fair share of shitty times (from DUIs to having to play for the fucking Marlins) but didn't let those stop him from reaching his potential.

Similarly, Detroit has been knocked down over & over & over.
But goddammit they get back up.
Philanthropists and business leaders are pouring money into the city to provide both adequate education (finally) & jobs (finally x2).
Hell, despite the racial tensions that have been an unfortunate side effect of its decline the recent mayoral primary had a white write-in candidate pull the most votes, in a city that is ~85% black.
I compare this to the fact Obama could be elected twice by a majority-white electorate nationally.
People just aren't as concerned with superficial bullshit like skin color as much as the journalistic bomb throwers would love for you to believe.
No, the city just doesn't want an inhuman shitbag like Kwame "fuck the schools, give me more Escalades" Kilpatrick to be their representative to the world.

Like I've said many times, rebirth won't happen overnight.
Rebuilding a city destroyed by a perfect shit-storm of circumstances will be messy & a constant work in progress.
But one of my deepest personal beliefs, personified by Miggy, the simply amazing Detroit Tigers and their badass 90 year old owner Mike Illitch, remains true:
Not caring is always easy, but giving a shit & actually trying is the only way change ever occurs.

Now if only the Lions could take a fucking page out of Miguel's book.



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