Thursday, July 18, 2013

Divisivness Is Weakness...Or Not

Been a while since I've blogged.
The Land Down Under has me quite busy.
Hell, I'm on a Division II Ultimate Frisbee team competing in the Australian University Games.
What a fucking country, eh?

As much as I love mother America, I'm pretty glad I haven't been there in the past few weeks.
Detroit, the city I still love dearly is going to be the largest city to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy in our nation's history.
The George Zimmerman trial has flared racial tensions.
Our already gridlocked political system narrowly avoided the "nuclear option" by the skin of it's teeth.
Rolling Stone tries to pretend it's still relevant by pissing everybody off.

Some days the collective burden of these divisive and (lezbehonest) shit-tastic problems can make it seem like the nation will buckle from the pressure.
I know I worry about that.
But take heart: adversity breeds change.
The status quo can't be shaken up if there isn't anything to rattle the cage.

24/7 news outlets only seem to fan the flames of disunity.
And why not?
Getting people all hot and bothered over every goddamn issue that pops up means RATINGS!!
The incentive to unite the people doesn't have a hold in our current media circus.
But perhaps we should look at all this fighting & bitterness a different way.

I've heard the same complaint over & over throughout my life: "people just don't care how they used to!"
It's fucking stupid.
The passion felt by Americans these days is palpable.
Yes, it's misguided.
Harmful to some.
Even brings about hatred, from political to racial to personal.
But the hand-wringing over the effects of a particularly polarizing time in our country fails to account for many positive, unintended consequences.
Chief among these?

People give a shit.

The internet has provided all of us, from the smartest to the most ignorant dumbass, a platform to air our grievances & problems.
The hopelessness felt by generations going back to time immemorial has found a solution.
A grimy, imperfect, troll-infested solution to be sure.
But now millions have something that those alive during slavery, the McCarthy witch-hunts, Watergate, and every conceivable divisive event longed so deeply for:
A voice.
And while I despise politics on social media (fact: no one, and I mean NO ONE has ever been convinced by a political argument on Facebook) I understand the liberation it brings.
We are blessed to have a nation that still protects our right to bitch & yell about every fucking tiny problem that appears.
Solving said problems takes more than bitching obviously.
But the ability to vent is a cultural improvement that doesn't get the love it deserves.

Even if all these points don't convince you, I know one thing that can unite all creeds, races, classes, parties, even gangs:

Motherfucking penguins.

Because if there is one thing I'm sure of, it's the healing power of nature's most kickass animal.


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