Monday, June 24, 2013

Lack of Control, Chaos Theory & Why You Shouldn't Be A Pusspop

Sitting in a hotel room in Kansas City, waiting to leave.
No offence to the fine citizens of Missouri & Kansas but this place sucks ass.
Go west and the world is flat as shit.
Go east and life sucks until you hit St. Louis.

I've been pretty clear in my feelings on how the current Republican caucus is handling their business.
They're shitting the bed.
Not that Obama has helped matters much (although his second term demeanor has improved).
But that's not what I wanna talk about today.
It just highlights a feeling of malaise that is utter bullshit.
Over a year ago I discussed why concern over large-scale problems is misplaced.
What you can change is what actually matters.
Instead of losing your shit over issues that cannot be directly influenced by individuals, make an impact where it matters.
The world is made better by local improvements & mindsets.

Chaos Theory has always fascinated me.
No, I'm not talking about the popular misconception of "the butterfly in Brazil" bullshit.
Nor that creepy ass Ashton Kutcher movie.

It's the chain of events caused by an individual's controlled agency that leads to a better world.

Control is an overly important concept to us all.
It's another lingering byproduct that evolution forgot to get rid of.
In the beginning, humans needed control over any potentially threatening situation simply to stay alive.
If things got too crazy to be changed by an individual, it was likely our ancestor would find his ass hanging in the teeth of a lion.
Not too fucking fun.
But civilization gave us a benefit our dick brains have yet to fully comprehend.

What we cannot control no longer defines our existence.

An important part of becoming an adult is realizing people will naturally act like assholes.
Try as you might, this will continue until humans cease to exist.
"Friends" will sell you out.
Significant others will show that you aren't as significant to them.
Congress will stall on errything under the sun.
Loved ones will be torn from this world unfairly.
Psychopaths will do the unfathomable.
Leaders will oppress the very people they are supposed to protect.
You can't change the fact immoral & asinine actions will continue to occur.

Which brings me back to Chaos Theory.
What you can control is your individual agency.
The actions & mindset of you.
While huge problems will always exist & likely be out of your reach to manipulate positively, that doesn't mean your ass is powerless.
Simply by repudiating the unethical behaviors pushed by society and making concerted efforts to change what you can control is akin to pushing over the first domino.
It won't always work.
You may get discouraged by a lack of quick progress.

But what makes a man or woman great is a self-confidence to continue on despite setbacks.
The failures felt by us all are what define our existence.
Don't bitch & complain that the world is shitty and you can't do anything about it.
Because the honest to God truth is that you can.
Just maybe not the way you thought you could.
Tolerate what you cannot control, but never simply accept it.

And lezbehonest, a world without challenge & setbacks would suck major ass.


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