Thursday, June 6, 2013

How NOT to Get Janet Napolitano Off Your Jock

I've been asked quite a few times why I don't just write a book.
Most FHP readers have never met me, so many of you don't know I love to talk a shit ton.
Alas, having a lot to say doesn't cure writer's block on page 32.
Maybe that's why I blog.
But then again who gives a shit?

By now most of you have heard the news today about secret NSA data mining of Verizon customers (and most likely other phone companies as well).
I want to make something clear before I begin.
I think the PATRIOT act is a crock of totalitarian bullshit.
Assumptions about the success of extra-legal means to stop "terrorism" are just that: fuckin' assumptions.
I by no means support these abhorrent intrusions on our Constitutional freedoms.

That being said, instead of going batshit paranoid or spewing the "if you have nothing to hide, why worry?" shit, take a deep breath.
Our country has suffered worse.
Wanna know the dirty little secret behind each governmental overreach?
They didn't work.
They didn't last.
Because America gives a shit about it's liberties.
And, more importantly, Americans have the means to protect our freedom.

As I was driving home today, a bunch of conspiracy fucktard callers ruined my favorite sports talk show (Valenti & Foster).
Wild theories about America becoming like North Korea, chips being implanted in our skulls, etc.
All the typical boilerplate knee-jerk responses we've come to expect from the fringe after any shady/traumatic event.
It quickly brought to mind the king of this constant bullshit:
Alex "shitbags extraordinaire" Jones.
The living example of how NOT to respond to any situation.
Over-reaction burns out quickly.
The easiest way for the government to back up their shitty unconstitutional policies is the crowding out of legitimate criticism by a bunch of fear-mongering paranoids.

Take a step back and you'll realize this situation has quite the silver lining.
The data-mining goes back to the Bush administration, continued by Obama.
Partisanship for once is not an obstacle to proper response by lawmakers & citizens.
This is an issue of defining the line between liberty and safety in a modern society.
I think it's clear we have drifted too far towards maintaining a fa├žade of security over protecting our liberties.

It also points out a shitty but inevitable point:
Terrorism will always exist.
It's a sad fact of life, but human history has proven time & again that there are those who will exploit fear to achieve their ends.
Large scale attacks like 9/11 can be prevented, that is not in doubt.
The government has a legitimate interest in providing security for that matter.
But small scale attacks like the Boston Bombings will occur whether we damn well want them to or not.
No surveillance system on Earth could ever stop every attack to ever occur.
It's just not logically feasible.

Which circles back to my main disdain for this NSA bullshit.
It's subverting our liberties over a maybe-who-knows-kinda-possible traumatic event.
Hence, bullshit.
Let your lawmakers know how you feel, let your neighbors know how you feel, hell give the ACLU a ring and see if you can help.
Just don't go insane in the process.
And be happy if you don't currently use Verizon regardless.

Verizon Wireless: "Just when you think we can't piss off our customers more, we find a fucking way"



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