Saturday, April 6, 2013

How NOT to do Stand-Up (Quickie)

Exam, quiz, test, exam.
If I didn't believe in the pointlessness of bitching...
Actually, fuck that, I'm gonna bitch anyways.
Stats exams are life's rock bottom (I think).

Obviously, today's post is going to be short.
I thought you'd all appreciate this video.
I've always wanted to try stand up comedy, but I've yet to get the balls (or local comedy club) to actually go up yet.
There's a good reason.
I already know what the worst case scenario is, & it's on Youtube.
It's by (who else?) my favorite dumbass Alex Jones.

Jesus H. Christ.
If you are able to get through the initial awkwardness, this is a fucking treasure trove of batshit insanity.

Oh, & remember kids: conning stupid people out of money your whole life makes you look like freaking 30 years old!


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