Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No Love Lost

I always get a laugh from modern-day Communists.
The amount of time they will spend ranting at you in public is ridiculous.
The best part?
You know comrade's loopy ass definitely isn't getting many chances to procreate.
At least they stick to their principles.
The Soviets didn't need any fucking bourgeois showers.

I normally don't draw any sort of satisfaction from the death of another.
No matter what a person does, one should always respect the grieving period of a family.
There are exceptions, however.
Today was one of them.
Hugo Chavez, one of the faces of Third World oppression, did the world a favor for once.
He finally died.
Good fucking riddance.

I have such hatred for this man (and his dead contemporaries) for a pretty cut-and-dry reason.
Any one of these innumerable shitheads who systematically & repeatedly suppressed the liberty of the people they are supposed to lead have a million excuses for their inexcusable actions.
"It's for the people!"
"It's for your own good!"
"It's for the purity of the Aryans!"
"It's for the pride of our nation!"
"It's for God!"
"It's for protection & safety!"
What is really occurring is worse than any physical pain.
Worse than death itself.

They destroy the potential of every man & woman who could ever usurp them.
It's every impotent pussy's wet dream.
Who cares if you are a pile of shit when you can reduce an entire country to a pile of shit?

The death of these hell-bound assholes brings with it an unusual opportunity.
For the first time in human history, the flow of information cannot be stopped.
This doesn't sound so radical until you think about when most of the aforementioned dictators came to power.
Not only had Al Gore failed to invent the internet yet but TV broadcast penetration was about zero outside of the developed world.
Stopping the flow of information was simple enough that Stalin essentially cut off half a fucking continent from any sustained contact outside of their designated Communist Utopia gulag.

Good fucking luck.
While some places in the world remain cut off, those that have had their first taste of the Information Age don't look back.
They also will resist the actions of authoritarian asswipes to curtail their goddamn natural right to learn about the world.
As the Arab Spring taught us, this process will be messy & most likely negative in the short term.
Blood will most likely be shed, families will be torn from their homes.
Extremists (specifically in the Middle East) have learned that fear can work just as well to command power in a newborn democracy as a theocracy.
A shithead or a party of shitheads will almost certainly get elected sooner than later in any country.
This is, paradoxically, essential in the long run.
Functional representative government requires a collective belief that cannot spread until the voting public experiences it's first peaceful transition of power:

Trust that one's fellow citizens can handle the never-ending chaos of creating a system of just governance that protects individual freedoms both competently & safely.

Of course, I could be wrong.
North Korea might never change under Jong-Un.
Islamist radicals could hijack the halls of power in the Middle East.
Another populist asshole can dupe the public & most likely will.

But the information is there.
Nearly everything one could need to know to be a informed voter (or person in general) is literally a Google search away.
Google also happens provides the form of media that men around the world will never, ever give up once attained.
Universally accessible free porn is more powerful than you think.
So next time you see Jenna Jameson around the supermarket or wherevs, say thanks.

Just wrap up that tool ya rascal.


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