Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Fratty's Day!

It's the fraternity Christmas.
The innumerable alcoholics at the house here started drinking at 4am.
Who am I to refuse?

Since obviously I'm having a great day today, it's going to be a short post today.
It is technically (though in reality, not at all) a religious holiday.
No better way to celebrate my 1/16th Irish ancestry than by getting shitfaced!
Hey, there is a new Pope too!

Who, by the way, I happen to like a lot.
He does what I've always stressed.
He acts, he doesn't simply say.
If the world is to change, why should it not start with us as individuals?
I still consider myself a theist.
I believe in God, just not sure which one is the correct one.
Could the Catholicism I was enlightened to at my baptism be correct?

Who knows.
I'm getting shitfaced on Irish Car Bombs so...
My bad.

I would apologize for insulting my Irish brethren but they are more than likely fucking sloshed by this point.



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