Monday, February 4, 2013

The Utopia of Blue Mountain State

Best brotherhood event ever last of night.
No wonder we only do it once a year.
For a third round pick, I filled my role of “beer specialist” for my team rather well I’d say.
Still lost.
But good times & pointless destruction are damn worth the cost of entering the (drinking) arena.
Shows like Blue Mountain State are fantastic.
Essentially the TV version of all those American Pie movies (& the shitty knockoffs).
It’s the perfect recipe for cable TV success as well.
Football + over the top shenanigans + tits + D-list actors + audience of 18-34 year old males = PROFIT.
It also has a cultural effect that generally goes unnoticed.
That’s a damn shame.
It’s the best example of an egalitarian society in media.
Bear with me here.
Obviously if you’ve seen the show you know some of the shit that occurs is legitimately fucking insane.
The judicial system seems to be non-existent.
The fucking QB gets out of the drunk tank by climbing through the ceiling tiles.
Normally that would be a Taze-able offence, but you get my point.
Instead you have a de facto football hierarchy, impressed upon new recruits immediately.
Sound like anything familiar?
But what’s important is how that hierarchy changes.
I’m going to leave gender aside for the sake of the argument.
BMS seems to have a female population of exclusively 10s.
Fuck it, cable TV needs to get ratings somehow.
But when it comes to the aforementioned male hierarchy there is true equality.
Not the bullshit leftist bastardization of the term.
All the members of the team are afforded the same opportunity to succeed on the field & off.
Regardless of race.
Regardless of class.
Only skill.
Only talent, whether running the football or tapping the keg.
The closest to a utopia you’re going to find in our entertainment world.
Instead of shoehorning ridiculous themes & “lessons” into television programs, BMS simply shows.
Fox News can have vaguely racist assholes rant their face off & MSNBC can have their collection of pusspops whine about why no one gives a shit what rich white liberals think.
They accomplish nothing, progress nothing.
All talk, no walk.
The usual tactic of any over-compensating asshole.
I realize this entire concept is pretty damn obtuse.
It’s a TV show & I'm reading far too into it.
But I find more & more I’m drawn to entertainment that echoes, whether explicitly or implicitly, the themes of a good life.
Like judging someone based upon their actions, not preconceived notions.
Like realizing respect is a earned, not given.
Also, like having your starting QB shoot your backup QB & never getting that shit mentioned again in the entire series.
Once again not the best legal system in the world but, you know, whatevs.

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