Monday, February 11, 2013

The Forgotten Demographic

Tired as shit.
Mondays blow, per usual.
Life goes on.

As a history major, I'm well aware of the bias throughout nearly all the modern era of historiography.
White men writing about how other white men were the shit was pretty normal.
It's odd then that they often forgot to mention the contributions of one group of people to the majority of progress (& societal ill) of any civilization.

Young working-age males.

Remember this a group roughly spanning the ages of 16-24 & crossing all lines except gender.
And the issues faced by them are generally pushed aside.
It's a damn shame.
Smart solutions to the problems of young men would indirectly benefit society exponentially.
Lacking the political or cultural clout to influence the world the way the older generations can have it's consequences.
Unfortunately those negative effects are felt by everyone.

I'm going to stop real quick, as I know the fact I'm in the "neglected" group above might seem like I'm reaching for a fucking pity party.
That's not the case.
I personally don't feel that society has neglected me, but I damn sure understand why someone similar to me could.
Many of them have damn good reasons, misguided as they may be.

Think about it for a second.
Who commits crime?
Young males.
Who spreads societal discord?
Young males.
Who fosters both drug use & distribution?
Young males.
Who populates gangs (& prisons)?
Young males.
Who commits the plurality of car accidents, DUIs, & homicides?
Young males.
Who causes the majority of single-parent, abandoned father/shithead situations?
Young males.
I could go on & on.
Obviously other groups are likely to do the same degenerative shit but nowhere near the rate of young males!

These are America's future leaders, future fathers & future husbands.
Little-to-none (excluding a few pusspops) neither want nor need bullshit sympathy.
They just need a little help, a little advice to stay on the right path.
It's not always easy.

But goddammit, America shouldn't give a shit about what's easy.


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