Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Responsibility & Power

Christmas break is almost over.
Could be the last time I'm home this long forever.
Gotta grow up sometime.

The political hand wringing lately got me thinking.
Not just about our leadership problem.
But how our failed leaders are abusing one of the most conspicuous aspirations of the corrupt.
Too bad they don't fucking deserve any.

In the words of some superhero I can't remember:
"With great power comes great responsibility"
Such a simple concept to agree with.
Pretty easy to fuck up, too.
The ability to coarse others to your will whether by force or persuasion shouldn't be taken so light.
Yet it is.
It doesn't have to be that way.
And your lazyass can be part of the solution for once.

What breeds respect?
I think the answer is pretty damn simple.
Allowing others to trust you and your ability implicitly.
The key word happens to be implicitly.
This can be seen anywhere.
There is a reason your brain immediately thinks "Douche!" when someone brags about bullshit.
You have no reason from past experience to trust them.
Their annoying anecdotes are just the icing on the shithead cake.
And no respect is given.
Yet those people seem to be the ones in charge all around us.

Power should not need to be showcased.
If used correctly, authority can create unique circumstances that wouldn't otherwise exist.
You don't need to punch someone in the nose for some asshat at the bar to know you can.
Confidence is quiet.
If belief in your skill is legitimate, your results will reflect that.
Once again, the simple axom of life applies here:

Just don't be an asshole.


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