Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All That's Necessary is a Chance

Nerfin' to do today.
Boredom is the shittiest feeling.
Boo x 2.

The main reason one of majors is economics was a book called Freakonomics.
Rather than the boring math shit you think econ usually entails, Steve Levitt & Steve Dubner make microeconomics interesting.
One of the most fascinating chapters indirectly deals with another one of my quirks.

My political views are unimportant, but my main belief in terms of poverty alleviation is opportunity.
Dumbass platitudes like "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps" or "being cast aside from an oppressive capitalist system" are fun to say but retarded in principle.
Political figures dig that shit per usual.
But it doesn't view the individual cases of poverty in the correct context.
Let's look at the favored scapegoat of the right.

Drug dealers are not exactly the best people in the world.
They are, however, among the best businessmen (and women) in the world.
This may seem absurd, but what is the drug market?
A free market at it's purest.
A good example of why limited governmental regulation is essential to markets, but I digress.
Those corner gangbangers usually live with their mothers & make jackshit in terms of money.
I'm focused on the higher-ups.
The corporate officers, so to speak.
Because that's what organized inner-city drug gangs are.
Illegal, untaxed corporations, but corporations none the less.
The heads of these gangs run distribution, inventory, security, procurement, prices & wages and even production occasionally.
Sound familiar?
That's the same shit any company head deals with.
What's missing between the 17 year-old street wizard running heroin in Corktown & the Production Manager for Midwestern Distribution of cell phones or buttons or some other (legal) shit?


Pity or disrespect does absolutely fucking nothing.
If you want to help someone, in anything, simply give them an opportunity to change.
People want to help themselves, but sometimes a little push is needed.
I'm not sure what is the right policy for making my dream a reality.
That's why I'm still in school, studying my ass off.
Maybe I'll cheat off someone who took that opportunity to stop slanging crack on Market Street & instead kick some hedge fund ass on Wall Street.

I mean, if I cheated of course.


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