Thursday, December 6, 2012

South Park Philosophy, Part One

Finally caved and went to the lib.
Lame, I know.
But remembering you have two history papers due on Tuesday tends to change your mindset.
Sucks to suck.

Before I dive into Cold War history for the next 5 days, I'd like to give an ode to two men.
These men have changed our culture in so many ways it's pretty damn ridiculous.
They also did it with no more than a grudge against pop culture, cutout animation, and the support of a fledgling new cable network.
I am obviously talking about Trey Parker & Matt Stone.

The creators of South Park, Team America: World Police, and The Book of Mormon are on a course to do something pretty damn spectacular.
Only an Oscar stands in the way.
They could very possibly become one of the few people to win the ultimate award for talent in four diverse fields.
Either way, they are American artists in truest sense.

I'm only going to focus on the impact of their acclaimed TV show.
South Park's philosophy had quite an effect on my life.
If you are a 18-28 year old male, you're probably in the same boat.
Even if you are likely also a dumbass and didn't realize it.
Let's look at a few examples of their unique worldview:

  1. Just because something doesn't exist doesn't mean it isn't real.
    • This was most fully explored in the Imaginationland story arc.
      • By the way, those are trippy as fuck even when sober
    • It seems like a contradiction, but it has important value for reality theory.
    • Even if Jesus and fatass Santa didn't actually exist, their impact on each of us in the physical world far surpassed nearly all "real people".
    • If something impacts our physical world, whether legitimate or imaginary, it has become real.
    • If an action is taken based on an idea or a fictional character, that non-existant entity has asserted it's goals.
      • Even if that sounds asinine, do you really think us douchebag humans are any different?
  2. Atheism, Christianity, Islam, and every other religious movement are not inherently intellectually superior, and those who believe so are harming their own cause.
    • Found main in the Go God Go! and Cartoon Wars arcs.
    • Caveat: Parker & Stone consider Scientology a cult, and their are 100% fucking right.
    • While the two have differing views on religion, they are in agreement about the dangers of obsessive fundamentalism.
    • I personally consider myself a theist, as I've pointed out before.
      • I believe in a God, but I'm still searching for the right one pussyish as that may be.
    • Their rational attitude on religion could be boiled down to one line by Stan:
      "Science answers the 'how?' things happen, but it doesn't explain 'why?'...why wouldn't they both exist?"  
  3. Things aren't as fucking bad as we perceive; if people relax and rationally think out situations, many of the worlds problems wouldn't be so big.
    • Found throughout the whole series.
    • Whether it be terrorism, shitty reality TV or global warming, over-reactions to adverse situations nearly always leads to a worse result.
      • Also known as The Law of Unintended Consequences.
    • This is probably the most important lesson to take from the show.
    • Other than the rare situations where immediate action is necessary, chill the fuck out and THINK.
    • Not too much of course.
      • Then you start worrying like a bitch.
This is just part one.
When I feel like studying procrastinating again, I'll analyze some more.
Until that point, enjoy finals week bitches.
It only comes twice a year!
And if you disagree, well then you're just an ungrateful asshole.

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