Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Shutting Off 24/7 Cable News: A Christmas Tradition

Merry Christmas all ya rascals.
Family, eating and wine on wine all day.
Jesus knows how to throw a badass worldwide party every year.
That's a plus in the potential messiah column.

I heard something pretty infuriating last night at our family's Christmas Eve party.
My aunt said a phrase I can't stand:
The world is getting worse every day; when was it ever getting this bad? 
I've pointed out quite a few times why this mindset is not only detrimental, but bullshit as well.
I don't enjoy being redundant, so I'll drop the statistics.
There is a simple rebuttal.
Pretty much always.
Simple doesn't mean common.
It's our dick brains once again forgetting when to think relatively and when to think absolutely.
Because something shitty is always going on in the world.
The anxiety we have about any current public stressor is repeated over and over in our brains.
We just tend to forget about most of them later, because the problem got fixed. 
(That's not a blanket statement, of course.
Certain recent national tragedies cannot and should not be seen in this light.)

But as you appreciate the time around the holidays, don't let the world distract you.
It'll keep churning out reasons to stress you out.
Give yourself a break.

You only get to be a fatass on a national holiday like eight times a year, so enjoy!



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