Sunday, December 2, 2012

Maybe It's Time to Stop Acting So Emo, Brah

I hate when the sky is gray dawn-dusk.
It just makes everything feel a little shittier.
It's also why there is no way in hell I'd ever live in Seattle.
In fact, Seattle probably is hell.

I use Twitter for the same reason all the rest of you do.
To post drunk bullshit that no one really cares about, because it's Twitter.
However, I came across a particularly stupid tweet today, posted soberly.

Some person I follow unfortunately re-tweeted this piece of shit.
It takes quite a bit for anything to piss me off, especially on Twitter.
But this is different.
It highlights a modern mindset that is detrimental not only to the individual, but society as a whole.

True optimism is no where near the common stereotype of an "optimist".
Those people at school assemblies being overly peppy and cheerful?
We all hated those douches.
Not because they were optimistic.
Because they were fake.

It's not overly taxing to feign happiness around others.
Being an emo pansy is just as easy.
Hell, calling yourself a "pessimist" and pretending not to care about things that you have passion for is common among the insecure as well.
Real optimism is difficult.
But our perception has simply been clouded.
The world is a big place, and with over 7 billion people there are always bound to be psychos and fucking asshats.
They don't make up the majority.
They just make the news.

It's difficult in the era of 24-news to truly believe that the world is slowly but surely getting better.
"And China and India aren't alone. Among the nations that have either halved poverty already or will do so by 2015 are Cambodia, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, and Mauritania." 
Do yourself a solid and Google "Flynn Effect"
Still won't make those assholes preaching "Fags are going to Hell!" seem any smarter.
Once a bigoted retard, always a bigoted retard.
That seems odd, as death is a lot of people's biggest fear.
Then again, I don't know any one over 70 truly afraid of dying.
Maybe they know something we don't.
Thanks for sharing, pops...

It could be legitimately argued that Oprah Winfrey is the most important woman in the world.
Self-made media empires tend to come with a lot of power.
Still pissed that she made James Frey fess up to lying about everything in what was previously a damn good book.

Fuck AIDS.
It's damn hard, surrounded by social media and other's accomplishments, to believe your life is worth anything sometimes.
Your personal satisfaction is generally judged on a relative scale as opposed to an absolute one.
Which makes sense.
If you are reading this, you most likely aren't worried too much about famines or genocide occurring in your area.
That's why the fact your neighbor has a better car than you is far more troubling.
But mindsets can be changed, if you truly want it too.
It's hard, but don't be a puss.

No matter how many much Pat Buchanan's paleoconservative ass would like you to believe the "old days were better", they weren't.
For every (well-documented) step back the world takes, it takes two forward.

Even the best of us humans have quite a few shitty traits.
But one trait that was almost never found in our greatest ancestors was genuine pessimism.
If you think life is and always will be shitty, nothing will improve.
Then again, you are free to sit on your ass and bitch.

Just don't blame me in ten years when you're still bitching, only this time from your parent's basement.


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