Thursday, December 13, 2012

An Economics Lesson You Might Actually Care About

Finally fucking done with finals.
What a crappy week.
Shit happens to everyone, no one cares.

Anyways, had my econ final today.
Nailed it.
Hellz yeah.
It reminded me of something pretty interesting as well.

What really turned me onto economics as part of my dual major is primarily concerned with marketability.
Regardless, the theory of macroeconomics makes me giddy like a damn schoolgirl.
So does the fact that economics defines itself on how the world is rather than how the world ought to be.
Quite a big distinction, but the nuts n' bolts n' shit is that economics is the social science most concerned with the state of the world.
A mix of subjectivity and objectively that can be quite attractive.
It breeds quite a few interesting theories about your life that you might want to think about
Not surprising that this one will help you attain some fine ladies (if male or of the lesbian persuasion).

Why market inefficiencies matter to you.

Market inefficiencies are the natural hiccups in an economy that a perfect market cannot correct due to the natural incentives for consumers irrationally act in certain industries.
But that is a bunch of shit you don't really need to understand.
What you need to concern yourself with is how natural tendencies in humans can benefit you in social situations if understood correctly.

Let's assume you're attempting to court a quite classy lady.
Your first irrational tendency is first to assume the worst.
Second is to boast to said classtastic female to make up for your (personally) perceived flaws.
Its two simple, common mistakes yet nearly every male reading this with a sex drive has been a victim multiple times.

But that's where correcting your natural inefficiencies comes in.
Survey your situations before worrying about them.
What is being done wrong by most of those attempting yet failing?
Figure that shit out.

It'll make your life a little easier.


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