Saturday, December 8, 2012

Addiction 101

Waiting to go out is the worst part.
Nothing to do but listen to music and bullshit.
Then again, it could be worse.

Since finals week is upon us, a lot of people begin the shitty process of worrying.
Friends, love life, family, everything is more important than studying.
Procrastination is quite the evolutionary bitch.
But there is one worry that a lot of people bring up, mainly in private.
There's a damn good reason it's whispered.
A lot of us deal with it in college, but no one wants anyone to know.

It's drug addiction.

A difficult flaw for a lot of people to accept and change.
There's good reason for that as well.
But I'm not concerned with that.
Most people spend their whole life getting shitty advice about drugs and addiction.
Schools tell you "No Means No!"
The kid down the hall in the dorms will assure your naive freshman ass that acid will be totally cool.
Doctors prescribe addictive drugs and give no advice.
"Friends" tell you that pot isn't addictive at all bro!
People will tell you completely different things about every substance, and a lot of them are full of shit.

Which is why I'm choosing to give you some guidelines I personally think are prudent.
If you think I'm full of shit as well, feel free.
You know yourself more than anyone else.
You also know deep down when you're attempting to bullshit yourself.

  • There are 5 popular drugs that should never be used and the presence of said drugs are almost always a sign you're at the wrong fucking party:
    1. Meth - the worst thing (outside of attempting to rap) to happen to white people in decades. Don't die in a trailer park explosion.
    2. Heroin - Two very important people to me are gone due to this fucking poison and it's synthetic versions. Don't join them.
    3. Crack - High IQ is not required to understand that (quick effect + powerful rush = addictive as fuck). Don't be a dumbass.
    4. PCP - Has anyone ever achieved a positive outcome from a PCP trip? Don't get your ass Tazered off a scaffolding by the police.
    5. Ketamine - This is one that people attempt to argue over, but it's fucking horse tranquilizer. Don't be that guy. 
  • If you already have a problem with one of the five mentioned above, get help immediately.
    • Those are the drugs that ruin lives, destroy families, and bring down the powerful daily. Do not fuck with them.
  • For the "college drugs" (tobacco, marijuana, alcohol and uppers), first realize that getting help for any addiction is no sign of weakness
    • It takes a mature person to admit they need help achieving something that will benefit both themselves and those who depend on their sobriety.
  • Are you addicted?
    • A question I ask anyone who comes to me concerned about possible addiction is simple:
"Why do you use it?"
    • There is no right or wrong answer. It's up to the person themselves to personally justify their use of a drug if they think its excessive, but this inquiry opens the mind a bit.
  • If you think you might be addicted, don't panic and don't ignore it.
    • Your life is not over, but doing nothing will make your life quite shittier.
    • Whether it's weed or angel dust, there is no shame in getting help and no "too late".

I won't comment on the morality of drugs.
I won't comment on if I've used drugs.
But I know that abuse & addiction is no small matter.
So do me a favor.
Ask for help.

Nothing is more soul-crushing than a parent having to bury their child.


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