Friday, November 2, 2012

Six (Probably Wrong) Life Lessons From My First Two Decades

Stalling on one portion of my absentee ballot.
The mail comes in two hours and I'm still undecided.
2016 just needs to come quicker.

Today just wanted to throw out a few life lessons as I approach the almighty 21st birthday.
Pumped as hell.
Let's just hope I can keep my MIP-less streak alive.
Jinxes can kiss my ass.
  • If you can't spend a full night discussing and arguing over what you choose to do to make money the rest of your life, the money is pretty damn worthless. 
Income, after a certain point, loses it's marginal utility rapidly after a point around 48k.
In normal people terms, it means that after all your needs are fulfilled extra money doesn't make you that much happier.
It's pretty damn logical.
Money is money, but time is fixed.
You're going to spend 40+ years of your life working.
Don't spend it hating the fuck out of your job.

  • Time heals everything, if you let it. 
Common cliche with an addendum.
Time really does make things better.
But it can't if you keep your mind focused on a past that can't be changed.
I might sound like an asshole, but this is important:
Shit happens, learn from the situation, make amends and then just forget about it.
  • Leadership means taking all the blame and spreading all the glory.
That's why we have so few true leaders.
Lezbehonest, we are egotistical douchenozzles quite a bit.
We also hate being called on it.
It's part of our psychology.
But a true leader is the one who has no fear taking blame even when he is not at fault or giving praise to those who didn't contribute as much as you.
It's fucking hard.
But are you really going to let that stop you?
  • Cut your losses.
The Sunk Cost Dilemma is a problem that receives far less attention than it should.
I'll be a lazyass and just use the easiest example: poker.

A good poker player knows that money put in the pot is gone, and irrelevant to his decision-making.
Most of us are kind of pussies, however, so we still attach value to the money that's gone.
Then you don't fold when you should, and you lose again.
Fucking lame, bro.

Quit using the past as an excuse to make a bad decision in the present.
Cut your damn losses!
  • Arguments are won with an open mind, but not that fucking open.
Most of you know I hate absolutism.
Life is too damn complex to apply blanket guidelines to any situation.
Assuming you are arguing with someone, you should not only pretend to have an open mind but actually be open-minded.
Who knows, maybe that annoying dude always trying to get you to sign some stupidass petition has some nuggets of wisdom.
But always use your God-given bullshit detector.
Like when someone uses the words "legitimate" and "rape" in the same sentence.
  • All else failed, no harm ever came from drinking a glass of ice water.
Sometimes our sanity needs one last line of defense.
Dealing with dumbasses including yourself can be pretty stressful.
Always remember one thing:
There is almost no situation in which choosing to drink some ice water is detrimental when you can't handle the other choices.
I mean, unless you are drowning or freezing to death.

Then you're pretty much just fucked.


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