Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flipping Off A Nation: Why Sports Matter

It's a great day.
The weather is fucking terrible.
I'm damn sure not feeling 100%.
Work was boring as hell.
It's a great day.

I just love when someone breaks out the famous "why do athletes get paid to dribble a ball, while teachers get paid 5 figures?!?"
Despite the obvious economic reason.
Despite the obvious scientific reason.
Despite the obvious historical reason.
My contempt for this question is pretty hard to display objectively.

So let's be fucking subjective.

Sports matter.
They just do.
Maybe it's because we as humans need entertainment.
Maybe we need to have heroes, whether on the battlefield or on the turf.
Or maybe were just sadistic assholes.
You can come up with reasons all you want.
But the conclusion is the same.
Sports matter.

I grew up in Metro Detroit.
We all had to endure the terrible jokes.
The fucking racist monsters.
The constant reminders of failure.
And it's not like we didn't have attempted saviors.
Everyone from black nationalists to Geoffrey "The Douche" Fieger tried to bring back Detroit.
No one succeeded.

But it wasn't all bad.
Detroit could be saved.
The optimism, however, had to come from somewhere.
It came from a former Venezuelan beach volleyball player, the estranged son of a former legend, and a cocky asshole with badass facial hair.
It also has come from a former #1 QB trying to achieve his potential, a man-child at WR who could probably beat anyone's ass, and a kicker who's so old he clearly doesn't give two fucks. 
It wasn't the bickering politicians, the scummy lawyers, or the fucking sickos stealing money from Detroit schools who made hope tangible.
It's a baseball team and a football team.
But it matters.

Maybe all we needed was a group of people to show the nation that we can still be badass.


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