Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not For Communists

August is fucking amazing.
Nothing really else to say.
It's perfection in month form.

This weekend I went with my sister to a new church (some nondenominational Christian one).
I haven't been to any church in over a year.
Not because I don't believe.
Mainly because I'm a lazy asshole.
But this experience got me to thinking.

The pastor's sermon was along the lines of "fairness is a human ideal, and an unattainable one at that."
Now his point was mainly a religious one, but that's for a different post.

The first thing is remember is that we humans are assholes.
But we are caring assholes (for the most part).
Our view of what is "fair" and what isn't is completely up to our selfish dick brains.
However, a few feelings seem to be universal:

  • Judgment being passed with no regard to merit is bullshit.
  • Those who don't receive recognition up to their level of merit are being treated "unfair"
  • Those who receive benefits exceeding their level of merit, specifically when others are more deserving, are being treated "unfair," albeit to their benefit.
We will continue the discussion with those three guidelines in mind.

Now, we all know merit alone (whether based on skills, compassion, or any other baseline) is imperfect.
It's subjective, determined by each individual, colored by our biases.

Still, it's bullshit to assume there is no way to judge who is generally deserving of recognition or reward and who isn't.
Unless you're a Marxist, in which I hope your parent's basement is air conditioned.
It's hot out there comrade.

The dude on the football team who cries when he gets hit, about 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage?
He damn sure doesn't deserve more than the guy running a 4.5 over on the sideline.
(By the way, if you thought Mr. 4.5 was black, you're a racist. He's Mexican you fucker).
We all understand this innately.
We also understand that the blinders our psyches put up, whether due to envy, prejudice, or just plain dick-itude, allow "unfairness" to persist in any culture.

What does this mean?
Two things.

  1. Recognize when you, in a position of power, are basing your judgements of subordinates on something other than the required skills necessary. "Change begins from within," etc. Don't be a dick if you expect fairness from others.
  2. Realize that, yeah, other people can be complete assholes. You may lose that promotion to the boss's stoner son, but it's not the end of the goddamn world. Unfairness is a part of life, suck it up pussy and learn from it.
We all want the world to be fair, unless it affects us negatively.
It's how we are as humans.
But if this is understood, it makes it much easier for us to allow everyone the opportunity to succeed.
After that, "fairness" is a moot point.
It's up to the individual to capitalize on said opportunity.
Don't be a fucking dick, and you'll find that life will be quite a bit more "fair" for all involved.

Then again, not being a dick is the answer to many of life's problems.


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