Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why Should The World Be Good?

This is a special post.
It might just be the few shots I had.
It might just be my annoying ass 1 am self.
Hell, it might just be because I'm a nosy asshole.
But hear me out.

It's pointless to try to compare our time to the past.
Our brains just aren't meant to work that way.
We think relatively, not absolutely.
While our brains are huge dicks to us, this situation may validate that particular brand of thinking.

I pose one question to all those who preach sorrow, that this world is evil and punishes those who are good.
One simple question.

Why should the world be good?

Really think about that for a moment.
Because I have no answer.
No one else seems to, either.

There are so many goddamn problems on this rock we live on, I won't bore you with specifics.
We all know the horrors that are committed daily, the suppression of virtue, the idolization of all that makes man fallen.
There is so much evil and wrong in this world it can easily make anyone depressed.
But depression is a far more desirable emotion than apathy.

Once again, I can pull up the fucking statistics or even anecdotes that prove we live much better lives than any generation before us.
But it won't make a damn bit of difference to you, and that is both natural and good.

We are a special species.
We possess the power to create, to destroy, to lift up, and to break down.
Nothing in this universe has proven the same capabilities.
I can't believe I'm fucking quoting Superman, but it's applicable:
"With great power, comes great responsibility".

If this world was truly perfect, if you got the girl on the first try, if you made it into your first choice career with no problem, if no one had to strive for basic rights, what would be the fucking point?
I don't know why were here.
I'll never know (partially because I'm a dumbass).
You'll probably never know either (you're kind of a dumbass, too).
But I do know one thing.

We are not meant to be idle.

There is no one I hate more in this world than the constant complainer, that fucking whiny piece of shit who cries about his life being shitty and does jackshit to change his situation.
Let me put this clearly to everyone, including myself.


Six simple words that mean so damn much.
We were never meant to be constantly happy.
It's simply not how our brains are wired, and for good reason.
If you reach a point where everything is perfect, then....
Where do you go from there?

No, we are made to feel good about achievement for a short period of time and then our brains kick our ass and say "what next?"
Because our work is never done.
There is always something new to conquer, some problem that needs to be solved.
And I will go on record that I'm pretty damn happy for that.
Easy is fucking boring.

So instead of sulking and preaching to everyone else about the shittiness of this or that, get off your annoying ass and make a difference.
No person ever achieved greatness through being a whiny pussy.
They saw a problem, found a way to change and it, and fucking got it done.

And if, after all this, you still feel like you can't get out of the doldrums of life, here's what Psychological Science had to say about happiness:

"... the best way to increase your happiness is to stop worrying about being happy and instead divert your energy to nurturing the social bonds you have with other people ... If there's one thing you're going to focus on, focus on that. Let all the rest come as it will."

Life isn't perfect.
Sometimes it just plain sucks ass.

So quit being a pussy and do something about it.


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