Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Weekend of Lunatics

There are only two luxuries I require in life.
Air conditioning and good toilet paper.
I'm being deprived of the first.
This is some bullshit.

This weekend is my Superbowl.
The Bilderberg Meeting is ongoing and as usual my favorite crazy man Alex Jones and his mentally disturbed crew are on the scene!
I learn something new from this fucker every day.
Not information, obviously, but understanding just how cray cray a human can possibly go.
Today's lesson will be on The Yes-Man Problem.

I hate The Daily Caller.
I hate Lawrence O'Donnell.
But Jesus Christ.
Far-right nutjobs and a douchey socialist agree on one thing.
Conspiracy theorists are fucking insane.

But why do most of us with semi-functioning brains know that this is clearly bullshit, yet senor fatass still has a million listeners?
It's simple, and it effects you.

If you watch the video, take a look at the "news anchor"'s commentary between clips.
That commentary never changes.
The irony of AJ's show is not only do the same (bullshit) stories get brought up, but the same fucking talking points are used by every "reporter".
And they all have a hard-on for Alex apparently.
In fact, I've only heard maybe one disagreeing phone call in 15 months.
Here's the issue.

When we surround ourselves with those who only praise, or worse, we force those around us to praise us, we lose a vital social skill.
The ability to realize you're being a shithead.
While common sense dictates many corrections we need to personally make, it's not complete.
It is necessary to have someone who will laugh their ass off at you for wearing a sweater vest.
We need social understanding to function in the world.
That doesn't mean blindly follow others, but allow yourself to be criticized.
Just don't listen to the wrong critics.
Be smart.

Otherwise you might look like a dumbass on your own fucking radio show.


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