Monday, June 4, 2012

Shut Up Once In a While, Damn

Office Space is a cornerstone of American culture.
There is little in that movie that isn't pure fucking gold.
The jump-to-conclusions mat?
I can watch this shit on repeat.

Obnoxious assholes seem to rule the world.
Turn on the TV and all you see is fat dudes and surprisingly similar-looking blondes arguing about shit they clearly don't understand.
When confronted by a Bill O'Reilly rant, it's natural to want to yell to everyone around "wow, what a giant douche!"
I want to.
But it's not what changes opinions.

Of course there will always be people who support and idolize assholes.
They also tend to be people with a lot of anger and not much money.
Placating them with a version of their crazy is good for society.
No matter how many hardcore fans Michael Moore has, however, a good 90% of people you know probably think he's a tubby piece of shit.
Because people aren't as fucking retarded as we all like to think.

The average IQ has shifted so much that an average person in 2000 would have been considered a goddamn genius a few generations ago.
Yes, even that friend that still fucking watches American Idol!
While we are obviously still dumbasses, we have continued to evolve into smarter beings.
The problem comes with the practical application of this intelligence, but I digress.
The fact remains that most people are clearly brighter than we give them credit for.
They just tend to not be as loud as the stupid.

If you want someone to listen, stop with the theatrics and provide substance.
Brevity is a virtue.
People like for others to make sense, not blow out their damn eardrums.
Is that so much to ask?

Tossing this around, but I think the loudness of a person is inversely proportional to their intelligence.
It's not perfect, but have you really ever met an annoying asshole with anything worthwhile to say?

No, no you haven't.


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