Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pride and Other Shit

I'm addicted to that song Some Nights.
It's not the greatest.
But it's the best damn song I've heard in a long time
If you make fun of it?
I'm ready to kick some ass.

Anyways, let's continue.
For some reason I got to thinking about local pride this morning.
Probably because being a Spartan just gives you a badass feeling every day.
You mad, bro?
The only people that go to Michigan are fucking hipsters and nerds.
Scientific fact.

We were placed in a lottery at birth.
While obviously we come from our ancestral past and genetics, it was pure luck to be born how you were.
That obviously begs a question:
Why the fuck should we care about things like initial location and schools?
Until we are set free from our parents, very few of our decisions affect our surroundings.
Why should any allegiance be held when something is chosen for us, instead of personally decided?
Valid concerns.
It's still relativistic bullshit.

I've always been fascinated by the philosophical relationship between determinism and free will.
Are our decisions already determined?
I came to a middle ground conclusion.
Balance is key, fuckers.
Our set of choices are determined, but we can choose freely.
At birth, our set of choices is purely luck driven.
If you are male, you can never birth a child naturally.
That is set in goddamn stone.
But as we age, our choices begin more and more to determine our future set of choices.
If you eat like a fucking pig and become a fatass during your teen years, you aren't likely to make the college track team.
That was determined by your choices.
Your shitty choices, but yours nonetheless.

This brings back the notion of local pride.
Why should you care?
You should probably care because you are a fucking dick if you don't.
Just because something was chosen for you doesn't give you the right to be an asshole.
If your hometown sucks, do something about it.
Respect your roots.
Take pride in where you're from.
Just don't let it define you.

Otherwise, you could be the douche who still wears his fucking letter jacket in college.


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