Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Than Black & White

Another goddamn beautiful day.
I love this city.
At least until it jacks the heat up this weekend.

A misconception held by many is the perceived duality of solutions.
Simply, we think there are two solutions to any given problem.
It's natural.
It's also an extremely shitty way to think.
Black and white thinking was great when a competing tribe always either liked you or beat the shit out of you.
It's not so great in this day and age.

Our culture continues this tradition for some inane reason.
We are presented with Republicans and Democrats.
Educated and Uneducated.
Rich and Poor.
Coke and Pepsi.
Urban and Rural.
Sure, there are other options, but they don't have much influence.
And that brings us to the crux of this problem.

The counter to this absolutist type of thinking is a mushy relativism.
It's equally bullshit.
There are clear absolutes in this world and always will be.
You stone a woman for having sex out of marriage?
Yeah, you're a fucktard in any sane human's mind.
But some things aren't so absolute.
Is killing one man to save another's life moral?
I don't know.
Your dumbass doesn't either.
Our world always finds it's balance someplace in the middle.
Not directly in the middle, of course.
But not at the fucking extremes either.

I'm saying to have an open mind, but not too open.
You have to be respective to other ideas, but at some point telling the Holocaust denialist he's a fucking piece of shit and leaving is a better idea.
There are more than two solutions to any problem.
Find balance.

Just don't look too hard for it.


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