Friday, June 1, 2012

Lessons From Mr. Gooding, Jr.

There is a song in which Jesse McCartney uses the term "make it rain."
Holy shit.
That's like a hate crime.
The only time he will ever "make it rain" on any sort of hoe will be with a garden hose.
Fuckin' white people.

I recently watched Jerry McGuire.
Before I continue, what the fuck happened to everyone in that movie?
Tom Cruise: Cult member and generally crazy douche.
Cuba Gooding, Jr.: Is he still alive?
Renee Zellwedger (how the fuck do you spell her name?): One Chappelle's Show reference
Not that I'm particularly sad about the end of those careers.
No, I don't want to watch Bridget Jones Diary, Jesus.

Anyways, Cuba gives some good advice in this famous scene:
It's something our society collectively has grown extremely shitty at.
Show me the money.
Where is the substance anymore?
People have become excellent at bullshitting and talking a great game, but where's the results?

The people getting shit done aren't the ones talking about their success, they are the ones succeeding.
Respect is much easier to earn (from anyone who isn't a 15 year old girl) through actions rather than words.
But we've been raised by our culture to seek attention.
And our damn egos overrule our ration.

An important part of growing up is reaching the point where you realize people don't wanna hear your shit that much.
Like any resource, making yourself valuable yet scarce raises demand.
It's Econ 101.
Talk less.
Do more.

Maybe one day you too can show some goddamn honkies how to bobsled with heart.


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