Sunday, June 24, 2012

Definitely Getting Laid on the Reg

Some of you may not be sports fans.
Some of you may not like the Tigers.
That's fucking stupid, but I get it.
However, the story of Quintin Berry is damn well worth taking a note of.
He might just be my favorite Tiger.
Sorry AJAX, but who cares.
You are still a fucking G.

Today was Q's first home run.
Also, no big deal, he scored the winning run.
Doesn't look like he's gonna have to go back to shitty Toledo, huh?
And the best part?
Motherfucker is 27 years old, and this is his first call up to the majors.

If you are a pretty big baseball fan, you can get a nice scouting report on (kickass blog btw).
However, the athletic aspect isn't the greatest part of this sorry.
No, it's the fact that this dirty motherfucker spent 7 years languishing in the minors before he got his chance. He fucking took it and ran with it.
But I'm not surprised.
This is the same guy who got drafted in the 25th round, said "Fuck that" and chilled for a while in San Diego. He kicked quite a bit of ass at SDS and finally got drafted in the 5th. 

What does this mean for you? 
There are a lot of things we can't control in life. 
Luck is always a factor in opportunity. 
However, if you work on and perfect what you CAN control, those lucky opportunities become successes. Don't cry cuz you can't get ahead in life. 
Get off your ass and make it happen. 
Who knows, maybe you'll beat Q in the achieving pootytang department. 

 Probably not though.

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