Saturday, May 26, 2012

Location, Location, Etc.

Why does everyone leave for Memorial Day?
Fuck you.
Yeah, respecting veterans consists of getting shitfaced on a boat while watching chicks flash you.
I take that back.
That's fucking America in sentence form.

A lot of people fail to get involved in important causes due to a simple fallacy.
The Location Effect

  • FHP definition: The psychological misconception that the magnitude of national problems crowds out the positive effects of local engagement.

Think about something for a minute.
How many times have you gotten pissed off at some sort of national problem?
And how many times has that issue affected you personally?
Just shitting in the dark here, but I'd assume that number is around zero.
Then again, how many local problems do you get hot and bothered about?

Those are the ones that actually matter.

Yo bitchass may never be able to stop the decay of modern television or solve the national education crisis.
It's all good, bro.
It's not what's most important.
Making changes close to your choice of residence (may I suggest...a frat house?) not only has more impact, it actually affects your life personally.
If you volunteer to help some youth program, you're not just the cool guy who drops a few "fucks" now and then.
You're the asshole who is making a change in the life of people who more likely than not will continue to be a part of your life.
If you weren't a complete dickwad, you will have actually affected something in this world.
It's a damn good feeling.

I understand why people don't think they can change anything.
But that's still fucking pathetic.
If something doesn't work the way you think it should, don't sit around and bitch.
Do something about it.
If you make a positive impact, it has a ripple effect.
People move, dumbass.

So do ideas.


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