Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Little Leap of Faith

Waiting on job callbacks blows.
So let's talk about God then.

I was raised Catholic.
Not strictly so, but enough that I was exposed to religion in a positive, if boring, manner.
I still love my Catholic heritage, not matter where I end up.
Don't get me wrong on that.
Also don't be a dickhead and make molestation jokes.
It's 2012, get new material jackasses.

But anyways, the nagging question has been "What if I'm fucking wrong?"
Because I could be.
I firmly believe that all we truly KNOW has to be experienced.
I've never been across the ocean, so I don't know the world isn't flat.
I believe it to be so because the opinions of experts have no real challenge.
So I accept it, as we all do on many things, because there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.
However, this doesn't mean we know for certain it to be true.

With that in mind, I firmly know there to be a God. 
It is the only thing I know that I have never experienced, at least physically.
My one leap of faith.
I consider myself to be a theist.
Simply put, I know there to be a God, but nothing else.
Who is divine and who is not?
I don't fucking know.
What's the right religion?
I don't fucking know.
Is there is a heaven or a hell?
I don't fucking know.

Maybe we were never meant to.

As I get older and get my shit together, I'm more and more fascinated by religion.
Attempting to find faith is a truly fulfilling experience, but it is completely personal.
It has to experienced internally.
It really shouldn't have the potential to be explained.
That attention-seaking whore?
Probably not too interested in religion.
Probably could use some though.

Regardless, I'll still give you a short version of the reasoning my brain came to, specifically as to why I believe I know there to be a God.
  • I live in a universe that, with the slightest of disturbances in equilibrium, could and should completely collapse.
  • I live in a solar system complete with flying chunks of debris that could destroy the personal rock I live on (at the perfect distance from the sun) at anytime.
  • I live in a world populated not only by catastrophic natural disasters, but murderous, traitorous, amoral pieces of shit I call fellow humans.
  • Said pieces of shit possess the weaponry to destroy the entire world many times over.
  • Taking all this into consideration, human civilization has grown and thrived for millennia.

Why do I exist?
I can't fucking answer that.

Maybe God can.


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