Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Greatest Deficiency

Blogging to unwind from a long night of work.
Jesus, I sound like a fucking nerd.

I have to confess that since I was young I've been a politics junkie.
I also hate politicians with a passion.
But I'm a firm believer that if want to bitch about how shitty the world is, at least do something.
It might not mean much, but your ancestors sacrificed and even died to give you the right to vote.
Don't be a shitty great-great-great-great-great grandchild and get off your ass for 15 minutes on November 6th.
Oh, and actually research the candidates for each election.

They are supposed to be our employees.
We're just hiring the wrong ones.

Now, as for my personal affiliation, that is inconsequential.
I have no set "ideology" and hate most of the elected who agree with me anyways.
Oh, and fuck Rick Santorum.
That goes without saying.
Presidentially, I will be voting for one of the two major candidates.
I'm also extremely pissed about that.
Obama the shitty leader and Romney the goddamn robot.
Four more years to 2016?

One of the reasons we are struggling a a nation is a scarcity of one major trait: leadership.
Put your partisan blinders aside and really think about this.
Where is the leadership?
I can't fucking find it.
Our "officials" spend all their time bickering over inane bullshit like birth control.
Meanwhile, we can't pass a goddamn budget.
We have Rush Limbaugh and a bunch of pissed off white people on the right arguing with Rachel Maddow and a bunch of off-kilter hippies on the left.
Spare me.

Is it too much to ask for a man (or a woman not named Sarah fucking Palin) that has the self-confidence to follow his and his constituents vision (regardless of party labels and lobbyists), yet still an open-mind to compromise?
Seems like it lately.

But...even though it's gonna give me a fucking aneurysm one day, I will continue to follow and participate in politics.
I have to.
Apathy is for pussies.
If you just sit at home and whine all day, what will change?

Well, other than convincing your girlfriend that cheating on your bitchass was probably a good idea.


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